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The Big Secret Of 0 Apr Credit Cards: Debt Reduction

Americans have fallen into the debt trap to an extent that our grandparents could never have imagined. We have to have everything, and we have to have it now. As a consequence, many of us are drowning in credit card debt. Here is a possible solution.

The days of low prime rates are over now, and 0 APR credit cards are harder to find. Not impossible, though. Many companies still offer 0 APR credit cards for limited period only so that they can attract new customers. This initial period of up to 12 months can save you buckets of money if you have high interest credit cards.

This is how to you can handle it: First, transfer your balance from your high interest credit card to your new one. This will lower your monthly payments and save you money every month. Second, don?t go shopping yet. Rather, take these savings and pay down the balance on your credit card. Now you?re paying principal instead of interest. Do this for the entire initial period and you?ll be surprised at how much you can pay off your balance.

Third, don?t use your new credit card to spend more money, because when the higher interest rate becomes applicable you could end up with an even higher balance that you had before. Once the 0 APR period ends, you can take advantage of the extra money provided by lower payments, right? Maybe. Since you?ve gotten so used to high credit card payments, why not delay your gratification a step further and continue to make payments at the same amount, thereby paying off the debt faster? In this way your new credit card can be used to motivate you to eliminate your long-term credit card debt. Note that your 0 APR credit card should never be used to spend more ? only to lower your debt. Once the higher interest rate kicks in, your new line of credit is a useless to you as your old one was.

What debt management offers you is freedom ? after all, which would you rather have, peace of mind, or more stuff that you probably don?t need anyway?

How Credit Card Settlement Agencies Can Help You in Buying a Mobile Cellular Phone

Compared to buying your own home, renting an apartment is easy and can benefit you in a lot of ways. These benefits include more savings, less or no maintenance and good amenities. In choosing your apartment, it is important to know how to stay positive in finding one that will suit your needs and requirements. There are also disadvantages in renting an apartment but this article will discuss only its advantages.

1. Save Money

One of the greatest benefits of renting a property is the money that you will save. When buying a property, you are required to pay for downpayment which is usually a big amoun of money. Most homeowners started living in a rental property before they were able to buy their own home. It is that renting a property is spending your money without building equity, but you will save money in the long run.

The rent for an apartment is usually much lesser than the monthly home mortgage in Goleta real estate. We can't deny that a home has a bigger space compared to an apartment, but if your goal is to save money, renting a property is the wisest choice for you.

2. Little or No Maintenance

The second most important advantage of renting a property is it requires little or no maintenance at all. Maintenance or repairs such as pipe leakage, clogged drains, damaged toilet tank and other that need to be fixed are usually shouldered by the maintenance staff of the rental property. Small things like problem with light bulbs can be done by the renter. If the rental property has a garden or wide lawn, it will be maintained by maintenance staff also.

3. Great Amenities

Amenities that are often made available to the renter are pools, small gym or exercise room, spaces for meetings, a theater room and many more. These amenities are usually free of charge to residents and guests. Residents who would buy a new home in a real estate once they have the right amount of money or budget, may not be provided with the said free amenities.

In most homes in the market nowadays, most amenities are not available since they are considered luxurious. The chance of owning a home with these amenities may not be easy to find, but if ever you can find one, it will surely require you to spend much money. Make sure to choose a rental property wisely and achieving this goal is about staying positive. Consider all the factors inorder to for you to have great savings & satisfaction.

Managing Your Credit Cards For Credit Repair Success


Successful credit repair involves a broad approach to cleaning up your credit report and restructuring your credit. Everything matters. But some aspects of credit repair are more potent than others. Among all of the techniques you can use to boost your scores, the proper management of credit cards is the most powerful. Proper use of your credit cards can easily yield a 100 point improvement in your scores. Put these powerful techniques to work today.

Getting New Cards

If you do not have credit cards, now is the time to get them. If you want your credit repair results to really shine you cannot overlook the power of properly managed plastic. If you have had credit issues in the past you may be concerned about being approved. If you are unable to get approved for regular credit cards try secured cards. Secured credit cards are the ideal credit repair tool. If you have no open credit cards right now, two new secured cards will be adequate to get your scores moving up!

The Right Cards

Not all credit cards will benefit your credit repair effort equally. In fact, some credit cards can hinder your progress and may even be harmful. Department store credit cards and consumer credit cards, such as gas cards, are of no value for your credit repair and should be avoided. For score building purposes you should stick with mainstream cards like MasterCard and Visa. Small limits are fine! The key to success is keeping the right balances.

The Right Balances

The credit scoring model used by most lenders is called the FICO model. FICO places a significant amount of weight on the relationship between your account balance, as reported to the credit bureaus, and your limit. For credit repair success it is imperative that you keep your balances low. The FICO model recognizes card limit capacity utilization in 20 percent increments. If you run your balance over 80 of your limit your scores will tumble. But use less than 20 percent of the cards capacity and you will be richly rewarded with higher scores.

The Right Timing

Managing your credit card balances for credit repair success is an art. In theory there is no harm in using your cards to their limit as long as you manage to reduce the balance before the date that the creditor reports the card balance to the credit bureaus. This is not as easy as it seems. Many people pay their balances in full when they receive their monthly bill, only to be shocked to see that their credit report shows that their cards are maxed out. It is unlikely that the billing cycle and the creditors schedule for reporting to the credit bureaus will coincide. For credit repair purposes you may want to reduce your balances and keep them low.

Putting it All Together

Would you like to give your credit scores a powerful boost? Now is the time. Employ these credit repair techniques to harness the power of your credit cards. If you do not have any open credit card accounts, open two new accounts today. If you do cannot get regular cards, get a couple of secured cards. Stick with MasterCard and Visa, and avoid store cards and consumer accounts. And keep those balances low if you want your credit repair effort to pay off. You can do it!

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National Debt And My Credit

One of the top concerns of many individuals at this point in time is ?national debt and my credit?. Not only is the nation on the whole experiencing economic turmoil at this time, but many other countries around the world are sharing in this financial crisis. It seems that many individuals, companies, and the government on the whole have been a little irresponsible, and now everyone is suffering in one way or another.

If you have any type of credit, you are not only part of the issue but can be part of the resolution as well! Here, we will cover the hot topic of ?national debt and my credit? and provide you with some helpful steps that you can take to ensure that you play your role in the resolution of the issue that is occurring in our economy.

The first and most important step in ensuring that you are playing a positive role in the economy is to ensure that you limit the amount of credit that you use. At this time, it is important to reserve the use of credit for emergencies only. Buying a new television set, or buying a new set of rims for the wheels on your vehicle does not qualify as ?emergencies?. However, home repairs and vehicle repairs do count.

Medical expenses also count. If you watch how you budget the money that you receive through income, you can afford to pay your bills, purchase what you need, and even save towards some of those luxuries that you may want to experience in the future.

The next step in assisting in the economic crisis is to ensure that if you do have credit that you are paying on, you take the steps that are necessary in order to pay your monthly bill. In all actuality, it is best to pay a little more than is expected of you right now. If you fail to do this, you may find yourself with higher interest rates on your purchases, and having a higher bill each month.

Remember, the credit company extended you credit, and now they are very limited in what they can do. However, they will do what they have to do in order to be able to provide for their customers. If it means raising YOUR interest rates and your annual percentages, they will! However, giving back more on your end, may resolve the issue. While this is just a small list of how to aid in the concern of ?national debt and my credit? topics, it is an effective list that should be adhered to.